Distance HealingFor those who are unable to visit us for an in-person Reiki session, we offer distance Reiki sessions as well. Since Reiki is the life energy that exists and flows all around us, a Reiki practitioner is able to channel Reiki wherever there is a need.

Distance Reiki sessions can be just as effective as in-person sessions as the recipient is less likely to be influenced by inadvertent suggestions from the Reiki practitioner or the treatment room’s environment, thus becoming more sensitive to raw Reiki.

It can also be very useful for those who are unable to leave their homes for an in-person session due to illness, incapacity or distance.

How is a distance Reiki session given?
  • Each Monday from 9.30pm – 10.30pm (GMT +8), space will be set aside to send distance Reiki to all who have requested for it.
  • An e-mail will be sent before the session starts. This way you may choose to set aside some quiet space, or slow down your normal routine so that you can be more sensitive to the Reiki sent. You may also do self-Reiki at that time if you have been trained and attuned to do so.
  • After the session, an e-mail will be sent stating what was worked on during the session as well as any insights or thoughts that may have been revealed during the session.
  • A final e-mail will be sent on Friday to ask how you have been as well as to obtain feedback, if any.
How does Reiki feel?

A Reiki session is a unique experience for everyone, but you may feel certain sensations when receiving Reiki. Common sensations are heat, tingling, pulsing and cold, just to name a few. Some people feel no sensation of any kind at all. Sensations, or the absence of it, simply relate to the person’s sensitivity to energy. Reiki flows regardless of whether you feel it or not.

What happens after a Reiki session?

Do not expect a diagnosis, as that is not part of Reiki. The practitioner may make common sense suggestions for after-care, such as drinking water and following your body’s needs.

Although people typically leave a Reiki session feeling refreshed, sometimes they notice feeling more tired in the evening than usual. This is not viewed as an adverse reaction, but rather as the body’s natural healing response, something to be heeded. People commonly report a sense of calm and mental clarity and sleeping well after Reiki.

How much do you charge for a distance Reiki session?

There is an energy exchange fee of RM100 for distance Reiki sessions.

To book a distance Reiki session, use the following the booking form.