Reiki For Working Millenials

Are you a millennial feeling stuck in your job? Job satisfaction is something we naturally seek regardless of our generation. Yet, often times millennials are characterised as “self-entitled job hoppers” in the media.

Millennials, born between the early 1980s to the late 1990s, have often been perceived to be a generation of narcissists constantly seeking instant gratification. Whether or not you agree with the stereotypes surrounding millennials, the same traits can be found in every generations.

If you are finding yourself increasingly unhappy at your job, get to the bottom of why you are so feeling the negative emotions. Is it the people? Is it the work itself? Is it the management? Use your responses as data points for your next steps forward in your career.

One of the best ways to align your soul path with your career path is to seek fulfillment. Not success. Success is often quantified as money, status or material wealth. On the other hand, fulfillment is an intangible form of personal development that feeds the soul.

Career fulfillment is different for everyone as we all have our unique intrinsic motivators. Regardless of what makes your heart sing, career fulfillment ultimately lasts much longer than success. So how does one figure out what exactly is his or her intrinsic motivator?

Tapping into your intuition to connect with your inner self through Reiki. Incorporating Reiki into your daily routine can help you gain clarity when in the midst of a lot of noise.

Here are some ways to practice Reiki each day to bring you closer to career fulfillment:

  • Use the Reiki principles as your daily affirmations. In case you need a reminder, here’s what they are:
    • Just for today …
      I will let go of anger
    • Just for today …
      I will let go of worry
    • Just for today …
      I will receive gratefully
    • Just for today …
      I will do my work honestly (and diligently)
    • Just for today …
      I will be kind to all living things (including myself!)
  • Write down your career goals on a piece of paper and draw the appropriate Reiki symbols over it (or channel the appropriate intention if you prefer not to use symbols)
  • Visualize positive healing Reiki energy flowing from your Root to Crown chakra

Remember to pay attention to your dreams as well. When the mind is still, we are able better able to receive intuitive hits!

Reiki For Working Millenials
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